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Face Services / Price List

**Prices may vary depending on occasions and ongoing special offers**

Which Facial to choose from?

Best Facials and Skin Care

Finding the best Facials and Face Masks which is suitable for your skin, can do wonders. 
The Cleansing Facial is perfect to deep clean and purify your skin and it works magic. The Gold, Fruits, Diamond and Organic Herbal facials deliver super amounts of hydration to your skin which are usually full of nourishing stuff that generally improves your complexion and skin tone.
The famous Dr. Renauld Facial is one of the best in its kind, and does not require much to say about it.
The Whitening, Firming and Anti-aging facials and masks, brightens, tightens, evens skin tone and keep your complexion plumped. 
You can always ask SAbeauti's Dermatologists and Facial experts to guide you choose the best Facial or mask for your skin. The Products used in the process are all from famous brands and organic. 

Home Salon and SPA

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 Best Facials and Skin Care