Home Service Available for Dubai خدمة المنازل و الفنادق متوفرة في دبي

SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon Salon Services at Home

SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon Salon Services at Home

SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon Salon Services at HomeSAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon Salon Services at HomeSAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon Salon Services at Home

Fall in love with Beauty!

Salon Services at Home Available

خدمة المنازل و الفنادق متوفرة


صالون سابيوتي بروفيشنال للسيدات

تتوفر جميع الخدمات للسیدات في الصالون ونصل إليكِ أينما تكونين فقط اتصلي بِنَا

هاتف : 042699700  

واتساب : 0502699732

الطابق الارضي، مرکز دبي الدولي للبولینج، بالقرب من سنشري مول، الممزر، دبي

اوقات الدوام یومیاً من الساعة 09:30 صباحاً الي 12 مساء

مکیاج العروس، مکیاج سینمائي ، مکیاج مائي ، التسریحات، رسومات الحنة، تاتو موقت، مساج، عنایة الشعر، بروتین، کیراتین، تاتو الحواجب مع تقنیة المایکروبلیدنغ، صبغ الشعر، ماسك و سبا للشعر، ترکیب الاظافر، ترکیب الشعر و ترکیب الرموش ، حمام المغربي

Salon Services at Home

SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon Dubai is one of the best beauty salon in Dubai which aims to bring out the beauty within you with the best beauty parlour services in the salon or as a home salon at your doorsteps. All beauty services you may need under one roof.

This ladies salon in Dubai provides Brazilian Protein, Keratin and Caviar hair treatments, facials, Professional party makeups, Hammam and relaxation massages, Nail enhancements such as Acrylic, Gel and Poligel extensions, Spa manicures and Pedicures, Eyelash extensions and Perming, Hair removal services, and much more.

February HOT Offer 2020 عروض خاص شهر فبراير

  • Full hair color + Olaplex Treatment AED 220
  • Root color + Olaplex Treatment AED 202
  • Olaplex Treatment + Blow dry AED 220
  • Full hair Color (all lengths) AED 120
  • Full hair color + highlights/lowlights/Ombre + Olaplex Treatment + Haircut + Blow Dry/straightening/curly styling + Gelish Manicure + Gelish Pedicure AED 1220
  • Party Makeup and Hair Styling AED 420
  • Party Makeup AED 220 only
  • Hair Up do Styling AED 220 only
  • Hair Cut, Wash and Blow Dry AED 120 only
  • Gelish Manicure AED 65 
  • Gelish Pedicure AED 75
  • Combo Gelish Mani + Pedi AED 130
  • Private Area Whitening AED 120

  • صبغ کامل الشعر + علاج اولابلکس للشعر 220 درهم
  • صبغ جذور الشعر + علاج اولابلکس للشعر 202 درهم
  • علاج اولابلکس للشعر + استشوار 220 درهم
  • صبغ الشعر لجميع الاطوال 120 درهم
  • صبغ کامل الشعر + های لایت / لولایت/أومبري + علاج اولابلکس + قص الشعر + استشوار/مکواة/تمویج+مناکیر الوان جلیش + بدیکیر الوان جلیش 1220 درهم
  • مكياج و تسريحة 420 درهم
  • مكياج 220 درهم
  • تساريح 220 درهم
  • قص الشعر، غسيل و استشوار 120 درهم
  • مناكير الوان جليش 65 درهم
  • بديكير الوان جليش 75 درهم
  • مناكير و بديكير الوان جليش 130 درهم 
  • تبيض المناطق الحساسة 120 درهم


Exclusive Combo Packages

Waxing Package AED 125

  • Full legs
  • Full Arms
  • Under Arms

Mini Package AED 149

  • Classic Manicure and Pedicure Combo
  • Massage on Chair (30 mins) 
  • Eyebrows and Upper lips

Busy Bee Package AED 580

(Quick fix)

  • Full Body waxing
  • Spa Manicure + Spa Pedicure + Nail polish
  • Hair wash + Haircut + Blow dry
  • Full Face Threading/Bleaching + Eyebrows

Private Area Whitening

For the First time in U.A.E

See the difference Instantly!

تبيض المناطق الحساسة

لاول مرة في الدولة الامارات العربية المتحدة

!شاهد الفرق على الفور

Jagua Henna Tattoo (Temporary Tattoo)

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Jagua Tattoo

 Jagua Tattoo is a term used for new form of Natural temporary tattoo. Jagua for dark, temporary 2 week tattoos. The use is like henna, 100% natural.
Jagua is an extract of the fruit Genipa Americana, also known as jagua which is used for body art similar to Henna or Mehendi designing. It is also known as Henna Tattoo as it stays as long as 2 weeks on the skin.
After application of the Jagua, there remains no color on the skin but within a few hours staining the upper layer of skin, or epidermis,  it appears dark on the skin.

Our Specialities

Protein Hair Treatment

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 صالونات تجميل، صوالين دبي

 SAbeauti Brazilian Protein Treatment for beautiful, shiny and straight silky hair. Starting from AED 399, depending on the length of hair. Transform your dyed damaged or frizzy or curly hair into smooth silky and straight hair with our Professional Protein Hair Treatment. 

Hair Extensions

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 SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon specialize in all kind of hair extensions. Have gorgeous and added volume Hair and enhance your beauty! Our Hair specialists recommend the Tape in extensions natural hair, which is least damaging, reusable, lightweight and grow with your own hair without tugging or pulling. 

Acrylic/Gel Nail Extensions

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 صالونات تجميل، صوالين دبي

 SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon  expertise in Nail extensions. Acrylic and Gel Nail extensions last for a long time, they are resistant to breaks than natural nails, giving you numerous 3D designs and Nail art options. Natural looking and Beautifully shaped nails are the least you can expect! 

SA'Organic Spa Manicure & Pedicure

Pure Organic, pure relaxation manicure and Pedicure Spa from SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon.
A luxurious spa treatment with our Best Organic products inspired by nature. smoothing and detoxifying your hands and feet to relax your mind! 

Only at  SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon 

SA'Organic Spa Manicure AED 135

SA'Organic Spa Pedicure AED 145


* Prices do not include 5% VAT. Offers cannot be combined with other discounts. Offers are not valid for Homeservice.

Contact Us

Make an appointment on WhatsApp : +971 50 2699732 


Call our team for appointment: +971 4 2699700 

SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon

Dubai International Bowling Center, Al Mamzar - Deira - Dubai , UAE

+971 4 2699700

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09:30 am – 11:00 pm

Home Salon and Spa, Ladies Salon,
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 صالونات تجميل، صوالين دبي

About Us

SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon - Salon Services at Home

SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon 

Welcome to SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon, your number one source for total beauty. Every woman is a unique and bold Queen and as such, deserves to look like one. SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon is inspired from Beauty products Brand "SA’beauti London", the team formed SAbeauti Professional Ladies salon in Dubai with the sole aim of rendering world class, top of the worlds beauty services and to bring out the queen you are. We are dedicated to providing you with the very best when it comes to beauty transformation, with an emphasis on ultimate luxury treatment in the ultimate luxury setting at an unbeatable price.

Get the ultimate Beauty and Cosmetic Services in Dubai

Beauty comes with taste, and at SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon, we create only the best. The power of cosmetic and make up can never be over emphases and at SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon, we believe it is the right of every queen out there to enjoy the very best and uniqueness of beauty and cosmetic services. 

Armatures are Amature and Professionals are Professionals, and we stand as the best beauty salon in Dubai. SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon was designed for Ultimate beauty, and in Dubai today, we pride our-self as the best luxurious but affordable cosmetic and beauty salon Dubai. With us, getting that fascinating and beautiful looks you dream of is sure as all we know how to offer is bringing out the best version of the beauty queen you are. With our wealth of experienced and professional hands, you can never get it wrong because bringing out the beauty in you is a must at SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon.

We are a beauty parlour with class to give you that perfect breathtaking classic look that is sure to steal the moment and our home service salon Dubai is the very best you can get here. If you desire a ladies salon, a salon near me, then we are just a phone call away from you. Our home salon and spa services stand out for perfect touch in beauty salon Dubai.

With thousands of happy and beautiful customer from the UK and Dubai and also with thousands of mind blogging reviews and comments from our satisfied customer all over the world, we are proud to say we have accomplished great feet in rendering beauty services to the world and we pray you to be part of this story.

Beautiful is bold and bold is confidence, and this is a queen, and we create the best. We also recommend to you the best and latest solutions for your glimmering and impeccable flawless look. Your beauty is one of its kind, and is something you should never get wrong. Our services range from Hair, Face, Body, Nails, Makeup, Bath, Eyelash, Henna Designing, bridal makeover and other beauty and cosmetic services.

Visit us to wear your Queenship crown with exquisite pride and be the center of undisputed beauty today.

We are SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon and proud.